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Your Personal Tariff and Incentives Finder

All information with respect to tariffs and incentives, monetary as well as non-monetary, has been put together in this Personal Tariff and Incentives Finder. It allows you to compile the information that you find relevant when it comes to choosing tariffs and incentives for the users in the smart grid. It helps you get an overview of the different options available when it comes to the incentives that can be offered to consumers in smart grid programs.

Step 1: Select any topic that is interesting for you
Step 2: Choose which additional information you want to include
Step 3: Save & print your tailormade S3C notebook as a PDF document


How to use

Please choose a topic you are interested in. The tariff finder tool will guide you within a few steps through the subtopics of your choosen topic. The topics and subtopics you‘ll choose will be integrated into your tailormade document.